4 Tumblr Style You Should Know

There are 4 Tumblr Style you should know so far. Tumblr lets you effortlessly share anything. Post text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos from your browser, phone, desktop, email or wherever you happen to be.

Some experts observed that there is a common content of some tumblr blog post and end up classifying the teenage in some style, it is called with Tumblr Style.

What Is Your Tumblr Style?

4 Tumblr Style You Should Know

Tumblr Style Organic/Basic/Natural
Your blog is filled with your own photography of everyday life. You love crisp, clean pictures for your crisp, clean blog. Messy buns are your go-to and white t-shirts are your love. Plants, the beach, and fresh fruit are some of the things you love uploading to your Tumblr. People want to be like you and set things up the way you do perfectly. Now all they need is a nice professional camera to do so.

Tumblr Style Hipster
You’re so unique! A lot of people try to duplicate what you post but nobody can truly be identical to you. Your blog is full of Thift Finds, funky shoes, and loads of polaroids of your friends and you. People know that vintage is the way to your heart. Keep doing what you’re doing! Be yourself!

Tumblr Style Rebel
Tattoos and cigarettes. Leather and fringe. Your blog is the love of some people and the worst for others. Like you care. The bulk of your blog carries thing that you’ve tattooed on people(or maybe what people have tattooed on you) and other loves of yours: motorcycles, cars, and rock and roll. People flood your inbox with questions of how you haven’t been arrested yet and what you plan on doing next. As I said before, some people love you and others hate you. But it’s like you care; Why are they in your business anyway?

Tumblr Style Girly
Kittens, fashion and anything pink. What girl doesn’t love your blog? You love to reblog photos of high-end fashion and anything with the Eiffel Tower in it.(or should i say Tour de Eiffel) Whenever you buy a new outfit you go straight onto Tumblr to show everybody. Inspiration is everywhere on the site that it’s overwhelming when you log on. You’re classified as a “rosey blog” that usually consists of your posts either being cute baby animals, nice pastel clothes, and of course: makeup.