22 Long Bob Hair Cut That Perfect For Any Face Shape and Hair Texture

Finally I found suitable word to describe the haircut I want. If you don’t want to go either too long or too short hair cut, this style is perfect for you. Lob is short for long bob. Lob is a long version of bob haircut. Above the shoulder length is that perfect middle you can play around with.

In 2018 this lob hair trend is so popular because it is suitable for almost all facial shapes and hair textures. Whether you are, professional, class , funky, casual, or anything in between, there is a long bob that’s perfect for you.

Don’t be surprised if one hair style is liked by many women. Many celebrities try lob hairstyles, like Emma Roberts, Hailey Baldwin, Emma Stone and Taylor Swift.

Lob’s Hair Characteristics

If you have a long face, this cut does a great job of adding volume, which can make your face appear wider. The long bob can work on straight, curly, and even wavy hair. The lob makes all hair look thick and healthy. Also, the strong lines draw attention to bone structure and help frame the face.

22 Long Bob Hair Cut That Perfect For Any Face Shape and Hair Texture.

Wavy Long Bob

At the beginning, I thought I can easily make wavy lob since I have naturally wavy hair. But you are all wrong! Even if you have natural curly hair, the lob waves are like, a different kind of wave. To get waves, you must blow dry your hair until it’s completely straight and then curl the entire head, but you can’t curl the ends! This technique is so hard to do if you are a beginner. You will end up like – what the hell with your hair, do you need a comb? But if you have successfully mastered the wavy hair technique, then you can apply it to various variations of long bob.

Wavy Long Bob. from clotee.com

Straight Long Bob

Do you like a simple hairstyle that still looks elegant and stylish? A straight lob hairstyle can be a viable alternative to try. Lob use the minimal hair styling products, the process is also practical because you only need a comb and hair straightener. Although it’s quite simple, but this hairstyle can still make you look beautiful and charming in all events. Other characteristics are hair without bangs or similar length hair with bangs.

Straight Long Bob. From clotee.com

Straight Long Bob. From clotee.com

Asymmetrical Long Bob

This style called An Asymmetrical Long Bob. In this style, the center part is very fresh, and the asymmetry is a popular cut — with the back shorter than the front. An asymmetrical long bob is exactly the kind of hair look that will make people sit up and notice you.

Asymmetrical Long Bob. From clotee.com

Curly Long Bob

If you want to look classic with a little slip of glamorous elements, you can try curly lob hairstyles. You will get bouncy look, especially if you have thick hair that takes curl well. If your real hair is already curly, then you do not bother to do curly long bob. To get this look, you’ll need a curling iron and styling spray. Simply spritz towel-dried hair with a styling spray, blow it dry, and then wrap one-inch pieces around a large-barrel curling iron.

Curly Long Bob. From clotee.com

Shaggy Long Bob

The Shaggy Long Bob identical with an edgier look. Ask your hair stylist to make choppy ends and layering. Your stylist will thin out the ends with scissors or a razor to create layers. When styling, add texture with a texturing spray.

Shaggy Long Bob. From clotee.com

Side Parted Long Bob

The next lob hair style variation is the Side Parted Long Bob or the hemisphere on the edge. This Lob hairstyle is very popular because it can make the appearance look fresher and edgy. Use the help of a curling iron to get a charming wavy effect.

Side Parted Long Bob

Long Bob with Bangs

Hair with bangs still favored by many women because it could give the impression of a younger appearance. Blending lob hairstyle with bangs could be an attractive alternative hair styles to try. Personally, I tried a lob with Korean bangs and the result I look younger like the age 20s! You can also arrange lob hair with your bangs in wavy style.

Long Bob with Bangs Long Bob with Korean Bangs

Mature Long Bob

Do you want to looks younger than your age even you are 50 this year? Try long bob (lob) hair cut. Many women over 50 choose long bobs with layers for her casual look. Lob hair style can frames the face and the dip-dyed ends add a touch of whimsy. Try to add bangs to this cut and see the difference.

mature long bob. from clotee.com

Sleek and Simple Lob

Sleek and Simple Long Bob. From clotee.com

Stylish Lob

Stylish Long Bob

Graduated Lob

Graduated Long Bob

Cool Lob

Rounded Edges Long Bob

Casual Lob

Casual Long Bob. From clotee.com

Sophisticated Lob

Sophisticated Long Bob. From clotee.com

Rounded Edges Lob

Rounded Edges Long Bob. From clotee.com

Rounded Edges Long Bob. From clotee.com

Blunt Ended Lob

Blunt Ended Long Bob. From clotee.com

Highlighted Lob

Highlighted Long Bob

Ombre Lob

Ombre Long Bob. From clotee.com  Ombre Long Bob. From clotee.com

Colorful Lob

Colorful Long Bob. From clotee.com Colorful Long Bob. From clotee.com Colorful Long Bob. From clotee.com

Side Pinned Lob

Side Pinned Long Bob. From clotee.comSide Pinned Long Bob. From clotee.com  Side Pinned Long Bob. From clotee.com Side Pinned Long Bob. From clotee.com

Lion’s Mane Lob

Lions Mane Long Bob. From clotee.com

Lob With Side Swept Bangs

Long Bob With Side Swept Bangs. From clotee.com Long Bob With Side Swept Bangs. From clotee.com  Long Bob With Side Swept Bangs. From clotee.com

That was the explanation for lob or long bob hair style along with sample photos that you could try. Although very popular in the last year, but you can still try it in 2019. Give your comment about this lob hair trend. Don’t forget to share with your friends about this article.

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