50 Summer Nail Art Design Ideas 2019

Are you looking for Summer nail design ideas that authentic and only suitable for summer?

I have some recommendations for trendy summer nails that you need to try in this summer 2019. Maybe some of these summer nail collections you’ve seen before, and also you wouldn’t think that some of these nail art turns out to be popular during summer.

Your nails are still not ready for summer? Your better check my list of 50 nail art designs for summer. Hurry! Summer is right around the corner!

Easy Summer Nail Ideas

Summer is my favorite season, and we’re going to be very active. When I think about summer, I think about bright color like yellow, orange, and light blue. Summer is also synonymous with holidays, beaches, bikini and tropical fruits such as pineapple, orange and watermelon. So when summer comes around, I want add something beautiful in my fingertips and bring the sunshine inside.

Unlike most people, but I prefer contrasting colors that must be tried during summer. It’s about bright colors and fun, and I wanted the nails to pop to stand out. But if you have crazy patterns clothes for summer outfit, make sure your nails to be simple, clean, bright, really contrast and stand out from the look but encompass the overall feel.

50 Summer Nail Art Design Ideas 2019

Cute Summer Nail Colors

Cute Summer Nail Design. From clotee.com Best Summer Nail Colors. From clotee.com

Hawaiian Florals

Hawaiian Floral Nail. From clotee.com Cute Summer Nail Colors. From clotee.com

DIY Summer Nail Art

If you are looking for new nail design inspired by the gorgeous summer and the sea, you might want to put the beach waves on your nails. This design looks complex, but it is actually very simple to make. Follow the steps we will show you and enjoy this creative nail design.

DIY Beach Wave Nail Design

You need 4 nail polishes: white, light brown, turquoise and blue. You also need a sponge, nail polish remover, hair spray, a few cotton pads, and plastic cup with water.

Take a small sized sponge and apply nail polish on it, apply the light brown, turquoise and blue over the sponge like you would prepare to create ombre nails. Start dabbing the sponge to the nails so the nail polish transfers to them. If the sponge gets to dry soak some polish in it again. Let your nails dry and prepare the plastic cup with water for the next step.

Put a few drops of white nail polish into the cup of water and spray some hairspray over it. The polish will start to separate looking similar to a spider web. Stick one finger into the water so the polish sticks to it.Repeat it until all of your nails have the web looking layer over them. Take a cotton pad with some acetone and remove the excess polish from the skin around the nails. Done!

DIY Summer Beach Wave Nail Design. From clotee.com

Summer Nail Tutorials

Check out another cool tutorial of diy summer nail art below:

DIY Mermaid Scales Nail

DIY Mermaid Nail Art. From clotee.com

DIY Pink Flamingo Nail

DIY Pink Flamingo Summer Holiday Nail Idea

Look at this cute mini watermelon or pineapple on your fingers. Here is how to make it.

DIY Pineapple Nail Art

DIY Pineapple Summer Nail Art Idea

DIY Watermelon Nail

DIY Watermelon Tropical Summer Nail

Dark Summer Nail Colors

Imagine your at vacation and suddenly your partner invites a romantic dinner or a semi-formal party that requires you to wear a graceful dress according to the theme of the event.

Your summer fluorescent nail color isn’t suitable for your semi formal and glamorous look, is it? Meanwhile you don’t have to make a new nail art because it requires lot of time. Don’t worry, because there are many nail art designs that perfect for summer, both day and night. You only need to choose dark colors but still have summer elements in them.

If you are not good at drawing, you can use dark color nail polish that contains glitter or you can make ombre nails by combining black with dark colors like blue or purple.

Sunset Palm Trees Nail

Sunset Palm Trees Nail

Ombre Night Sky Nail

Ombre Night Sky Nail. From clotee.com

Starfish Charm Nail

Starfish Charm Nail. From clotee.com

Starry Night Nail

Dark Summer Starry Night Nail

Summer Nail Art Design Ideas

Summer Yellow Nails

Summer Yellow Nails

Orange Tropical Floral Nail

Orange Tropical Floral Nail

Orange Sunset Nail

Orange Sunset Nail

Summer Beach Nail

Summer Beach Nail Idea Summer Beach Nail Design

Summer Beach Nail

Tropical Summer Nails

Tropical Beach Summer Nail Tropical Summer Nails Tropical Summer Nails Art Tropical Summer Nail Ideas

Ombre Nails For Summer

It’s easy to make ombre nail designs. All you need is a sponge and at least two colors of nail polish. For the tutorial, you can see it as shown below.

diy neon omblre nail idea

diy ombre nail design

Ombre Sunset Summer Nails Ombre Summer Yellow Nail

Ombre Summer Nail Design Ombre Neon Nail Colors Ombre Blue Sky For Summer Ombre Tosca Nails Design

Colorful Summer Nail Arts

Colorful Nail For Summer Colorful Summer Nail Idea

Colorful Summer Nail Arts Colorful Summer Nail Design

Neon Hot Summer Nails

Try to dare using colors like hot neon or fluorescence nail polish. If you are creative enough, you can experiment with more than two striking colors and make them ombre. Or if you still want to use neon colors but want to give a touch of art without making it too overlapping, you can decorate only one of your finger with a polka dot, star pattern, chevron, stripes, glitter, etc.

Neon Hot Summer Nails Neon Summer Nails Neon Ombre Summer Nail Colors

Pastel Nail Color For Summer

Just like neon colors, you are also free to use pastel colors for summer as long as the color you choose is soft pink, light blue, Tosca, etc.

Pastel Nail Color For Summer Pastel Summer Nails

Cool Summer Nails

I would like to show you the idea of cool summer nail ideas is blue. You could use any blue you have such as light blue, blue sea, Tosca and mint.

Teal Glitter

Teal Glitter Summer Nail Cool Summer Nail Idea

Glitter Waves Nail

Glitter Waves Cool Summer Nails

Glitter Starfish Mermaid Scales Nail

Cool Summer Nail Design Dark Nail Color For Summer

I absolutely love those color combination, match with my bikinis and my trendy summer outfit! And the most important is, those summer nail ideas is easy to make. You don’t have to go to nail art salon, do it by yourself – fun summer nails.

Summer Holiday Nail Art

Summer Beach Nail Design

Fluorescent Flamingo Nail

Fluorescent Flamingo Nail Ideas Summer Holiday Nail Art

Tropical Fruits Nail

Lemon Summer Nail Design Yellow Pineapple Nail Art

Pineapple Nail Design Idea Orange Nail Design Idea

Watermelon Nail Design Ideas

Watermelon Nail Art For Summer Watermelon Nail Design Idea Watermelon Nail Art

Those are some of the most amazing and gorgeous, summer nail designs that you need to try! Let me know which one was your favorite ♡ Don’t forget to share this article if you think fingernail designs for summer is every cool girl needs to know about. Which impressive nail design is your favorite? Share in the comments!

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