7 Best Fonts For T-Shirt Designs from Myfonts.com

Use these fonts for the projects that you are working on with 7 Best Fonts For T-Shirt Designs from myfonts.com 2020 – at least in my opinion.

Of course, not all fonts are suitable for t-shirt design because it is related to the screen printing process. It would be fine if you are using DTG printer (Direct To Garment) for the process. But it will be a different story when t-shirt is printed using manual screen printing such as plastisol, rubber, or polyflex. For the best result, font selection for the t-shirt design should be uncomplicated.

As a blogger and t-shirt designer for an online shop, sometimes I need a unique font for my funny t-shirts. Below is the most often and common fonts used for t-shirt designs. What are they? Here is the list.

Download Free Fonts for T-Shirt Designs

Univers Font

Download Free Font Universe from MyFonts.com

This Serif font is most commonly used for t-shirt designs or other graphic design projects.  Adrian Frutiger and Alexei Chekulayev create the Univers font and published by Linotype. Univers contains 27 styles ranging from regular, bold, italic, and a combination.

Guess Font

Download Free Font Guess from MyFonts.com

Etsy sellers would love this Handwritten font in order to create women’s t-shirt designs. Lots of mom’s life t-shirts use this nice handwriting font. Of the many handwritten fonts, I like the Guess Font. Guess was designed by Veneta Rangelova and published by DearType. If you want to buy this font, select the Guess Pro Regular variant and the additional Guess Goodies.

Mustafa Script Font

Download Free Font Mustafa Script from MyFonts.com

Fajar Gunawan, an Indonesian designer create this script font. Mustafa Script is a font script that you should have on your list. There are several styles and elements that are very complete in one package. The price is also cheap, only $ 12 for a complete package containing 4 font styles.

Blend Font

Download Free Font Blend from MyFonts.com

Blend may be one of the most complete fonts, the most expensive but also desired by t-shirt designers around the world (maybe). Just imagine, we can make a t-shirt of words that only consist of 1 font. Just change the font style, and voila! A new t-shirt design is available to sell.  Sabrina Lopez create Blend font and published by Typesenses. Not only for t-shirt designs, but this font is also popular for child birthday invitation card designs and other party invitations.

Brannboll Font

Download Free Font Brannboll from MyFonts.com

T-shirt designs that look like what is written on a baseball shirt or cheerleader with a tail at the end of a letter are still popular today. Måns Grebäck create and publish Brannboll font. This font is still popular all the time and you have nothing to lose buying a Brannboll font whenever you need to design a sports-themed shirt.

Undergrad Font

Download Free Font Undergrad from MyFonts.com

A pair that can’t be left behind is a font with a college or university theme. Yes, this type of font is very popular for class t-shirts, hoodies, varsity jackets, to hats. It’s like a standard if you want to design school alumni shirts, class t-shirts using the Undergrad font designed by Thomas Käding.

MonsterPie Font

Download Free Font Monsterpie from Myfonts.com

Don’t imagine that all comic fonts are similar to Comic Sans MS or American style comic books. There are many fonts with a cute, and adorable style that you can find. Marc Lohner made MonsterPie comic fonts that I love so much. Just add a little text to the picture that you’ve made, and this is it! Funny and adorable children’s t-shirt design is ready to launch.

Well, that was the 7 best fonts for t-shirt designs that you can use to create t-shirt designs. If you still don’t find a suitable font, try visiting MyFonts.com to see other collections.

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