9 Best Fall Hair Trends For 2020 – Trendy Autumn Hair Cut Ideas

Summer is officially ending, and it’s time time to celebrate the fall season with a new look. For some people, it’s time to back-to-reality such as and back-to-work and back to school. This autumn is a new beginning to try something new with the most trendy haircuts, hair colors, and hairstyles. You’ll get much beautiful hair inspiration after seeing these huge fall hair trends such as retro hairstyles, pumpkin spice shades, and ’70s edgy haircuts.

To help you out to keep your hair stunning in this fall season, here is a huge list of most popular trendy autumn hair cut with the tutorial this year!

Trendy Autumn Hair Cut Ideas

Watch these video tutorials for fall hair trends from DIY making ’70 bangs to a blunt long bob.

DIY ’70 Bangs Tutorial

Blunt Long Bob Tutorial

Deep Side Parts Tutorial



Tired of being blonde all the time? Fall is the season where two different color shades can be applied to your hair. It means, not going to be complete blonde nor brunette. It calls ash brunette, bronde hair color that is blended of cool blonde and light brown. Ash brunette is the highest level of natural-looking hair color places the top of the fall hair trends list. Try this and you will look splendid every day in autumn.

ask brunette bronde hair ash brunette balayage hair color ash brunette barbara palvin hair ash brunette hair color ash brunette hair trend fall hair colors


Not everyone dares to change the original color of their hair to blonde, but you will be mesmerized when you see this blonde. Be prepared to dye your hair into an extraordinary buttery blonde. The difference between the buttery blonde and the classic blonde is buttery blonde is shinier and warmer than the other. This hair trend is very popular for the fall of 2019 and is perfect for showing the impression of being an elegant and high-spirited cute girl.

candice swanepoel buttery blonde hair color buttery blonde fall hair color trends buttery blonde hair color fall trends buttery blonde hair color idea fall trends buttery blonde hair color trend


The reason why caramel highlights are very popular these years is that they can suit any hair type as well as any hair length. It depends on the base color of your hair, whether you are a blonde or a brunette. Caramel highlight will look fantastic on you and you don’t need to worry about your skin tone and your natural hair color.

If you don’t want changes that are too flashy and drastic, adding highlights is a less aggressive way of changing your look. I am highly recommended this highlights hair to make your look miraculous this fall.

caramel highlights hair color ideas for fall caramel highlights dark brown hair caramel highlights dark brown hair fall trends caramel highlights fall hair color trends caramel highlights fall hair trends


If you’re ready to chop your hair, we have a huge fall trend announcement. The long bob or lob is still the most popular haircut trend in fall and it will be! A blunt long bob is a shorter hairstyle that’s cut into a straight line at the ends. For more ideas of long bob hairstyle, you can read my previous article.  Show off your long bob on Instagram because it is suitable for almost all facial shapes and hair textures. Whether you are, professional,  funky, classy, casual, or anything in between, there is a long bob that’s perfect for you.

blunt long bob haircut trends fall blunt lob haircut fall hair trends blunt lob haircut trends fall blunt long bob fall 2019 haircuts blunt long bob haircut fall haircut


The mid-length haircut is perfect for those who have a classic style in their life. The mid-length haircut is very classy but also feminine. To get the proper classic mid-length is a Lil bit below of your collarbone. This hairstyle is absolutely approved for your next fall hair ideas 2019.

classic mid length haircut fall trends classic mid length haircut for fall classic mid length haircut trends fall mid length haircut fall haircut trends mid length haircut fall trends 2019


If you usually divide your hair equally with the halves of the hair in the middle part, so now try to give your hair a different look. It’s just separating your hair part from the side.

Most people have a natural part that’s slightly off to the right or left. To create your deep side parts, take a fine-tooth comb and find the highest point of your eyebrow. If your front parts of your hair are shorter, you can use a spray to tame them or hair gel. Your hairstyle looks more elegant and fresher better than usual.  It is easy, isn’t it?

deep side parts hairstyle fall hair trends deep side parts hairstyle fall hairstyle trends 2019keke palmer side part hairstyle lookside part hairstyle ideas fall hair trendsside parts hairstyle fall hairstyle trends


Thanks to curling iron yang that can help you to make slightly natural waves on your hair if you don’t have naturally curly hair. This season it’s time for curly hair to look stunning. Grab your round brush and a blow-dryer because it’s about natural-looking curls for this season. Beachy waves hairstyle is one of my favorites, what’s yours?

natural curls trend fall hairstyle ideas curly hairstyle ideas natural curls fall trends curly hairstyles natural curl fall hairstyle trends natural curls fall hairstyle trends natural curls fall hair trends

’70s BANGS

’70s bangs hairstyle directly gives the retro vibe to your look by not require a big chop. One celebrity who did this in this fall is Hilary Duff. She just got retro ’70s bangs and a layered haircut, which she showed off on Instagram. She chopped her hair just weeks before the upcoming season premiere of her show Younger. 70s bangs are the ultimate inspo for any of you who wants new bangs in fall 2019.

wispy bangs 70s bangs fall hair trends 70s bang haircut trend fall 2019 70s bangs haristyle hillary duff 70s wispy bangs fall haircut trends camila cabello bang hair look curtain bangs 70s hair trends fall


The retro hairstyles have an old-world charm that still holds great value and relevance. These retro hairstyles can never go out of style and you should try at least one in this fall season. Whether the ’60s dramatic flipped out and flipped in hairstyles, the ’70s iconic headbands, or the 90s playful hair clips.

sophie turner hairstyle retro hairstyle ideas 90s hairstyle hair clips fall hair trends jennifer lopez hairstyle retro hairstyles lily collins retro hairstyle fall hair trends olivia culpo retro hairstyle look fall hair trends

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