20+ Best Selling Father and Son T-Shirts 2020 Dad and Son Shirts

Are you looking for gift for dad? I’ve created fathers day gift for you who are looking for gift set. Having dad shirt or mens shirt is an ordinary gift idea for dad. What about something cool like having dad and son shirts or shirt set father and son matching t-shirts or dad and son shirts? I call these style as dad son best friends.

Father and Son T-Shirts are two t-shirts that have the same picture or paired design for daddy and his son. Father and child t-shirt is in demand by fathers who have children aged 1 year up to a maximum of 5 years. Usually the mothers wanting her husband and son wear the same outfits as proof of the cohesiveness between father and son. After using the same clothes, they usually do photo sessions and then uploaded to social media like Instagram and Facebook.

Are you one of them who are looking father and son t shirt sets?

If your answer is yes, then you might be one of many confuse people choosing dad and son matching shirts in the market today.

To help you, I have selected 20 fathers and Father and Son Best Selling T-Shirts 2018 which are the results of various reference research. I also present a comparison products and the guide to buy these father and son clothing.

Dad and Son Shirts

father and son t-shirts

Choosing a father and son t-shirts may be easy for those of you who are experienced and have unlimited spending funds. The opposite if you have limited funds and want a good father and son t-shirt. After reading this article, you’ll have a bright idea which dad and son t-shirts you want to buy.

Best Selling Father and Son T-Shirts 2018

 me and mini me t-shirt Me and Mini me t-shirt Grey $30 Buy
 Work Hard Play Hard t-shirt Work Hard Play Hard t-shirt Black $30 Buy
Big Geek Little Geek t-shirt Big Geek and Little Geek t-shirt White $30 Buy
Big Man Little Man t-shirt Big Man and Little Man t-shirt White $30 Buy
Copy Paste t-shirt Copy Paste t-shirt Grey $30 Buy
Jedi Master Jedi in Training t-shirt Jedi Master and Jedi in Training t-shirt White $30 Buy
Player 1 Player 2 Gamer t-shirt Player 1 Player 2 Gamer t-shirt Grey $30 Buy
Game Over Insert Coin t-shirt Game Over Insert Coin t-shirt  Grey $30 Buy
 Diecast Collector Diecast Player t-shirt Diecast Collector and Diecast Player t-shirt  Black $30 Buy
 Play with cars and toy car t-shirt  Play with cars and toy car t-shirt  Grey $30 Buy
 Captain and First Mate t-shirt Captain and First Mate t-shirt  Grey $30 Buy
 Pilot and Co-pilot t-shirt Pilot and Co-pilot t-shirt  White $30 Buy
 Legend Legacy t-shirt Legend and Legacy t-shirt  Black $30 Buy
 Battery Full and Low Battery t-shirt Battery Full and Low Battery t-shirt  White $30 Buy
 Rule Maker Rule Breaker t-shirt Rule Maker and Rule Breaker t-shirt  White $30 Buy
 Master Builder Demolition Expert t-shirt Master Builder Demolition Expert t-shirt  Black $30 Buy
 Head Coach and Assistant Coach Baseball t-shirt Head Coach and Assistant Coach Baseball t-shirt  Grey $30 Buy
 Chef and Sous Chef t-shirt Chef and Sous Chef t-shirt  White $30 Buy
 The Original and The Remix t-shirt The Original and The Remix t-shirt  Black $30 Buy
 Beast Mode and Beast in Training Body Builder Gym t-shirt Beast Mode and Beast in Training t-shirt  Black $30 Buy

Guide to Buy Father and Son T-Shirts

Choosing father and son t-shirts may be easy for those of you who are experienced and have unlimited spending funds. If you are budget money but still want a good products then buying a cheap shirt can be a cost-effective shopping option. However, this choice requires precision related to t-shirt’s quality.

Basically there are five points to be considered in choosing a quality t-shirt: fabric, printing method, sizes, design and colors. By paying attention to these five points, you can buy the perfect t-shirt for your relatives, friends or for your own use. To help you get the dad and son same clothes, here are 5 important things you must consider before buying it.


We need to pay more attention to the condition of t-shirt’s fabric material that will be purchased. There are several types of t-shirts that are often worn such as cotton. But cotton also has a level of quality and softness because of the effect percentage mixture of materials used. You should choose soft fabric for t-shirt because our skin is often quite sensitive to rough materials. Easily absorb-able cotton material can be another important point. Active men and boys will sweat a lot and sweat-absorbing materials will keep them comfortable.

There are three rules must be obeyed to make a decision to avoid to avoid confusion: comfortable fabric even worn though long periods, not shrinking after washing and drying, and perfect absorbing colors (not fade). Choose fabric from 100% cotton t-shirts because bad t-shirt’s quality will make you feeling stiflingly hot.


The size is the next factor that you need to consider. Wearing a shirt with lower size that normal will lower the comfort level when your son wearing it. T-shirts that are too small will certainly make the child feel less or even uncomfortable. T-shirts with sizes too large usually still tolerable as long as the excess size is not much.

Buying kids t-shirts with slightly larger sizes also provides an advantage. Children are experiencing a period of growth so that height and weight gain can occur quite quickly. Durable quality t-shirts will have a longer lifetime when purchased at slightly larger sizes. The right size of t-shirt when purchased can quickly become too small when the child is growing

Printing Method

Printing Method Description
Screen Printing This is one of the most preferred t-shirts printing methods. The characteristic of this method is the printed graphic in t-shirt has remained vibrant, soft, and still smooth for years.
Direct To Garment (DTG) Technique DTG is a relatively new technique in t-shirt printing industry. The quality of DTG end products is excellent (but not as good as that of screen printing). You’ll obtain a soft print, and it works best both on white garments and a darker t-shirt. If you have t-shirt with unlimited color design or gradient color, there are high chances that it was DTG technique.
Vinyl Printing Use a machine to cut out designs on special solid color sheets of vinyl. Use heat to adhere cut vinyl to paper. The end result is high quality, durability with no fading/cracking. It doesn’t work well for designs with complex patterns or designs that show a lot of colors inside the design.
Transfer Paper Method The idea behind this technique is transferring the image from one surface to the other, permanently. Heat press machine will transferred transfer paper to clothes. But unfortunately, this method produce low quality result.


We’ve done research on what designs suitable for both men and children. We do some consideration that is how to make a design that the child likes but father also will not mind wearing it. Sometimes there is a cute design of father and son t-shirt but it would look ridiculous for men to wear. So in Clotee, we always make good designs and make buyer looks dashing.


Color becomes part of the important consideration in choosing a t-shirt. We recommend choosing children’s shirts with bright colors because in addition to easily recognizable and attractive to children. Bright colors also provide eye stimulation to more closely recognize the color. But for those top 20 father and son matching t-shirts above, mostly have basic colors white, black and gray. We choose that colors as considerations because the color is easily combined with any pants such as shorts, jeans, chinos, joggers, cargo, sweatpants, or trousers.

Father and Son Matching Outfits

Dad and Son Shirts

Getting the best dad and son matching t-shirts in 2018 is not easy because of so many design and color choices.

Hopefully these comparisons, reviews and guides to buy father and son t-shirts helps you to get what you want. If you are looking for father and son gifts, please go to the father and son shirt category at our store. You can buy those T-Shirts that we’ve discussed above.

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