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23 OOTD Korean Skirts Outfit Ideas

If you love seeing Korean girls who are cool and feminine, then trying to imitate their style wouldn’t hurt you. It’s not difficult to find Korean-style clothes in an online shopping mall, especially if you have a limited budget.

This time I will discuss some of the latest Korean Skirts Outfit Ideas that I like. Some are already on my wish list but haven’t had time to buy them. In some Asian countries, there are not many shops selling Korean-style skirts with good patterns and low prices. The only way to get it is to buy it directly in Korea.

Okay, then let’s get to the point, I’m reviewing Korean-style skirts that I like.
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9 Living Room Furnitures for Small House from Houzz

9 Houzz Living Room Furniture for Small House

Not everyone is lucky to have a large house. If you live in a big city like New York, Seoul, Tokyo or Jakarta, the option to stay in an apartment with a limited area is an unavoidable choice.

Even though you only have a small house, but I’m sure your house will be much more comfortable because you are free to determine the decor yourself.

Now is the time to shop for houzz living room furniture and all the necessities for your small house or apartment. I have some references for furniture and decorations that can be used for your new home.

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7 Popular Combat Sports Streaming Programs on FITE TV

7 Popular Combat Sports Streaming Programs on FITE TV

Not all sports programs are broadcast on local or national TV, especially those that contain violence. If you are MMA, Pro Wrestling, Boxing and Kickboxing fans, to watch it you have to subscribe to a special TV channel that shows combat sports live matches.

Luckily there is now a FITE. You can watch combat sports streaming live anytime and anywhere using your gadget. Here are 7 Popular Combat Sports Streaming Programs on FITE TV.

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Download Free Font Blend from

7 Best Fonts For T-Shirt Designs from

Use these fonts for the projects that you are working on with 7 Best Fonts For T-Shirt Designs from 2020 – at least in my opinion.

Of course, not all fonts are suitable for t-shirt design because it is related to the screen printing process. It would be fine if you are using DTG printer (Direct To Garment) for the process. But it will be a different story when t-shirt is printed using manual screen printing such as plastisol, rubber, or polyflex. For the best result, font selection for the t-shirt design should be uncomplicated.

As a blogger and t-shirt designer for an online shop, sometimes I need a unique font for my funny t-shirts. Below is the most often and common fonts used for t-shirt designs. What are they? Here is the list.

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5 Fun Christmas Games to Play with Family

Christmas holiday soon! Let’s make Christmas Eve even more exciting by having Christmas games with family and closest friends. To bring a festive atmosphere at Christmas Eve celebration doesn’t need to be complicated. With simple tools and materials, you can create exciting Christmas games that can be played in groups.

These are some Christmas games that you can try to make your Christmas atmosphere even more fun.

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Hamburger French Fries Costume Halloween Couple

40 Halloween Costume Ideas for Couple in 2019

Halloween is just in few days, this means costumes, parties, and the one time of the year where we get to dress up as our favorite characters. We here at Clotee have collected some of the best Couples Halloween Costume Ideas so you can enjoy yourself with your friend or your lover!

This season brings so much joy and fun for everyone, so we make a list of Halloween Costume Ideas for Couple so you and your sibling, friend or lover can dress up together. Most of these ideas are not only for a male-female couple but can be used for the same gender.

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14 DIY Cute Couple Halloween Costumes

Ever thought of being king and queen overnight at a Halloween party? All you need is a couple Halloween costumes that are unique and good for attracting the attention of others. You and your partner can become viral as the couple goal of the sweetest and funniest couples.

These costumes will help you who are looking for a last-minute DIY Halloween costume couple inspiration. Most of these costumes aren’t for sale but you have to make them yourself. Don’t worry these Halloween costume ideas are not only affordable for your pocket, but they are also cute which are perfect for couples. Check out the 14 Cute DIY Couples Halloween Costumes that make you say “I Can’t-Wait for Halloween Party Celebration!”.

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9 Best Fall Hair Trends For 2019 – Trendy Autumn Hair Cut Ideas

Summer is officially ending, and it’s time time to celebrate the fall season with a new look. For some people, it’s time to back-to-reality such as and back-to-work and back to school. This autumn is a new beginning to try something new with the most trendy haircuts, hair colors, and hairstyles. You’ll get much beautiful hair inspiration after seeing these huge fall hair trends such as retro hairstyles, pumpkin spice shades, and ’70s edgy haircuts.

To help you out to keep your hair stunning in this fall season, here is a huge list of most popular trendy autumn hair cut with the tutorial this year!

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58 Sexy and Spooky Halloween Makeup Ideas 2019

Great Halloween costume will be more complete with makeup, because without great make up, your Halloween look won’t be so impressive. You might get a lot of Halloween makeup tutorials for Halloween because stunning makeup ideas are popping up everywhere, and believe me you will have trouble choosing which one is the best for you.

Don’t worry about it, because I’ve rounded up the most popular and killer looks for Halloween makeup for you. These Halloween makeup tutorials may be seen as challenging. To help you out to keep your Halloween night as scary as possible and sexier, here is a huge list of most popular tutorial inspiring Halloween makeup ideas this year!

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How To Dress Like A Bad Boy

34 Bad Boy Summer Style 2019

Bad boys attract women very easily, ignorant but stylish. The most important part to get bad boy summer style is not to always follow the current trends, but to take some and adjust them to your body shape. Want to know how to look like a bad boy? Here are 34 bad boy style photos you can choose for inspiration.

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