14 DIY Cute Couple Halloween Costumes

Ever thought of being king and queen overnight at a Halloween party? All you need is a couple Halloween costumes that are unique and good for attracting the attention of others. You and your partner can become viral as the couple goal of the sweetest and funniest couples.

These costumes will help you who are looking for a last-minute DIY Halloween costume couple inspiration. Most of these costumes aren’t for sale but you have to make them yourself. Don’t worry these Halloween costume ideas are not only affordable for your pocket, but they are also cute which are perfect for couples. Check out the 14 Cute DIY Couples Halloween Costumes that make you say “I Can’t-Wait for Halloween Party Celebration!”.



Are you one of the fans of the adorable yellow character from the movie Despicable Me? Yes, Minions has stolen many people’s hearts not only children but adults also love them so much. You can be Minions for next Halloween. Minion Halloween costume is the cutest and most playful costume. You can easily create a minion look by wearing yellow clothes like a yellow t-shirt and denim overalls. Which Despicable Me characters will be your next Halloween look?

halloween costume minions diy halloween minion couples costume minion costume idea for couples


It’s common to be Harry Potter and Hermionie or Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley when you use the Harry Potter Halloween costume. But it will be interesting when you become a small golden ball that can fly in Quidditch. Yes, you will have Harry Potter and the golden snitch costume. All you need is a basic gold sequin or satin dress.

harry potter couples halloween costume idea harry potter halloween costume idea for couples harry potter couple costume idea for halloween



Space Jam movie maybe a movie that is not widely known by children today. But first in 1996 Looney Tunes characters were very famous which is one of the best cartoon movies. Get inspired by our Bugs & Lola Halloween costume ideas and show the other how to do a throwback! Bugs Bunny & Lola outfits are formed from the basketball uniforms and pair of striped socks.

couples halloween costumes bugs and lola bugs bunny lola couples halloween costume bugs lola couples halloween costume idea


It’s the most preferred all-time Halloween costume look that every couple will try DIY Mickey and Minnie costume at the party. You will need red bottoms, black tops, cute mouse ears, and yellow shoes!

mickey and minnie halloween costume idea mickey and minnie halloween couples costume idea halloween costume ideas for couples mickey and minnie


It must have been years since you last watched the Fairly Odd Parents cartoon on Nickelodeon, isn’t it? It must be exciting to have fairy parents who can grant your many silly wishes. Well, it’s time to have a pretty cute DIY Halloween costume Cosmo and Wanda for this October party!

The best part of being Cosmo and Wanda is you don’t need special clothes, you can wear anything. But you need a magic wand and a small crown where you can make it yourself from wood stick and paper. The most challenging thing is that you have to dye your hair and your partner’s into pink and green. Don’t worry, hair dye will not damage your hair because you can use non-permanent hair color spray. To Fade and Remove Hair Dye immediately after the party is finished bt just washing your hair with shampoo.

cosmo and wanda halloween costume ideas couple cosmo and wanda couples halloween costume idea cosmo and wanda halloween costume idea for couples


Since the film Alice in Wonderland was lifted to the live-action movie, fear of disappointing others is the main reason many people won’t dress up like Alice when attending a Halloween party. They afraid the costumes and makeup are not as cool as they see in the film.

The good news is, you don’t have to be wearing the Alice in Wonderland Halloween costume alone because now you have to pair up with your boyfriend/husband and of course it will increase your confidence. Invite your partner to become a Mad Hatter because all he needs is to quirky dress up and wearing a hat. For Alice, a baby blue and white cloth will work for your look. A little detail for your hair is a black headband.

alice and the mad hatter halloween costume idea alice in wonderland couples halloween costume idea alice in wonderland halloween costume idea for couples



If you are the type of easy-going couple, gamers but lack the confidence when using game character costumes that are popular today, then trying to be Mario and Luigi is a good idea. Super Mario costume includes a red cap, denim overalls, and a mustache you made out of a black marker or black cardboard. You can also become Princess Peach by only using a pink dress. For the crown, just make it from cardboard coated with gold-colored paper.

super mario couples costume ideas halloween costume ideas couples super mario super mario and the princess couple costume idea


The Sims Halloween costume is the perfect Halloween couples costume idea that every nerdy The Sims fans will love. The most important part of this look is a Plumbob which is the green shape above the Sim’s head. You can do it yourself with the green color paper or red paper if you want everybody to know that you are angry, in a bad mood or depression situation.

the sims halloween costumes for couples sims halloween costume idea for couples the sims halloween costume idea for couples



Here is a quick-thinking Halloween costume idea for couples who are the real fans of the devastating TV Series. All you need is a bunch of yellowish papers and cardboard, scissors, and a pink long sleeve dress. See? It’ is easy! A low budget Halloween costume can also make you look cool and stand out.

stranger things eleven costume idea eleven costume ideas for halloween eleven stranger things halloween costume idea


Here’s another perfect last-minute Halloween costume for couples. Koala and eucalyptus tree is a simple costume idea for couples. The koala look is formed by grey clothes such as a dress, socks, or pants and a koala ear headband. For the eucalyptus tree, you can use artificial leaves, green top, and beige pants.

koala and tree halloween costume idea for couples halloween costume design ideas for couples koala and tree halloween costume idea


For people who don’t like to dress up creepy at Halloween parties, this is far from scary but close to being the cutest couple costume. Here are some inspirational Sunflower and Gardener Halloween costume theme for the lovely couples.

sunflower and gardener couples halloween costume sunflower and gardener halloween costume idea for couples sunflower and gardener halloween look



If you have ever seen Kim Kadarshian and her husband Kanye West dress up in Mermaid and Sailor at a Halloween party, then it would not hurt you to try that style with your partner. Halloween costumes do not necessarily refer to the character of cartoons and the movies, you can turn yourself into a mythological creature.

Sailor and Mermaid Halloween costumes are probably two interesting combinations. The handsome and masculine Sailor costume only requires a striped shirt, white pants, and a sailor hat. This Sailor Halloween costume is perfect for men who are simple and don’t want to appear excessive at Halloween.

Unlike women who don’t mind if they try harder to prepare costumes and makeup. Her hard work will pay off when a woman succeeds in being a beautiful, seductive mermaid and pairs with a sailor.

kim kardashian kanye west halloween costumes mermaid and sailor halloween costumes for couples mermaid sailor couples halloween costume idea


What could be sweeter than a couple in a butterfly and a butterfly catcher Halloween costume? Butterfly catcher costume is made up of a bucket hat, beige-colored shirt, and a pant, lastly a net. You can be a butterfly of any type, but perhaps the most recognized by people is to become a cute and beautiful monarch butterfly.

butterfly halloween couples costume idea butterfly and butterfly catcher halloween couples costume idea butterfly costume halloween ideas for couples


Dalmatian and firefighter concept may sound cheesy but it is absolutely a go-to Halloween costume for couples. I love this DIY Halloween costume idea who turns a girl into a sexy and cute dalmatian. For a sexy firefighter look, just wear black pants, a fireman hat, and red suspenders. That’s all!

dalmatian firefighter couple halloween costume idea dalmatian and firefighter halloween costume idea dalmatian and firefighter halloween costume idea for couples


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