Those Fantastic Jewels in the Movie

Continuing the story of the classic film “Eleven Arhats” series, this film is mainly female, with well-known superstars to help out, but the protagonist is a Cartier necklace, which inevitably makes us curious, what kind of jewelry couples necklaces is it, can beat such a strong lineup.

The prototype of this Cartier necklace worn by the female owner of Anne Hathaway is the Cartier legend: Jeanne Toussaint necklace. Although the one we saw in the movie is not the deity, the Cartier brand restored the design of the jewel for the film based on its prototype.

Cartier’s Jewellery

This necklace was designed by Cartier for Maharaja of Nawanagar, Nava Nagar, India in 1931. The necklace is named after Cartier legendary jewelry designer. The necklace consists of 136.25-carat blue-and-white diamonds, 46white diamonds, and two rectangular-cut diamonds, respectively 13- and 14-carat. The original necklace was designed for the king, so the reissue version that appeared in the movie was reduced according to the shape of the woman.

Such an expensive necklace appeared in the movie is really amazing, but Cartier’s necklace for the film is not made of real diamonds, but the use of cubic zirconia, took 8 weeks, used dozens of the craftsman completed the production of this necklace with the craftsmanship of fine jewelry. Of course, Cartier, as the “protagonist” of this film, naturally has to carry a few “supporting roles” to play.

Many actors in the show wore Cartier’s new jewellery and antique jewellery. As long as there is a place for women, there is no shortage of delicate jewellery. Whether these accessories make the heroine dazzling, or the heroine’s glory beauty makes these jewels more radiant, the jewelry in the movie is never inferior to the female lord. Next, we will take stock of a series of jewels that are unforgettable in the movie, and let everyone see the importance of jewelry in a film and television work.

Jewel In Movie Titanic

Mentioning the jewels in the movie, you may be able to think of the ocean heart in Titanic in a flash. The beautiful love story that made the audience shed tears in the Titanic made a brilliant stroke in the history of love movies, but the love token in the film, the heart of the sea, was also recorded in the glorious jewels. The heart of the ocean in the film is dominated by a huge blue diamond. When the director Cameron filmed the film because of the high cost of natural blue diamonds, the tanzanite necklace was the main stone of the heart of the sea. Tanzanite is a dark blue gem that is very close to the blue diamond, but the price is not high. However, there are rumors in the market that the prototype of the heart of the ocean in the movie may be the “drill of hope” from Harry Winston.

The “Drill of Hope” weighs 45.52 carats and is produced in the mining area of ​​the world’s many rare natural diamonds – the Golkonda mine in India. It was later collected by King Louis XIV of France, but during the French Revolution, this diamond was stolen in the national treasury and disappeared for nearly 40 years. Later, in the 1830s, the diamond was collected in London by Henry Phillip Hope. Until 1949, Mr. Harry Winston acquired it and became one of his favorite gems.

Jewels In Movie The Great Gatsby

The next step is to continue to talk about the glamorous jewels in another classic movie “The Great Gatsby” by Leonardo DiCaprio. The film story took place in the 20th century jazz era, when the clothing accessories were full of luxury, and Tiffany also created the The Great Gatsby series for the film to match the needs of the actress in the film. The headwear and pearl jewellery worn by the hostess in the play were created by Tiffany based on the design of antique jewellery. This headdress appears frequently in the play and is one of the important accessories for the woman. The feather on the headpiece can be disassembled into a brooch. Sketches of antique crowns luxury pearl diamond jewellery is also a typical example of contemporary high society. This couple jewelry ring has appeared on the male little finger many times and is also from Tiffany’s design.

Jewel In The Movie Cleopatra

In the 1962 Cleopatra, she wore a Bulgari gold snake-shaped bracelet watch, and the snake’s element is also a symbol of the Bulgari brand. Bulgari was associated with the mascot “snake” element in 1960. “Snake” symbolizes wisdom, life and eternity in ancient civilizations. Bulgari’s snake-shaped bracelet watch is made up of many parts and is well made. More than “Cleopatra”, in “The Generation of Lovers” filmed by Taylor in 1963 and “The Richers ” shot in 1968, Bulgari’s jewelry was also worn. The headgear worn by Taylor in ” The Generation of Lovers ” was originally a spring brooch from her private collection. The jewelry worn in ” The Richers ” comes from Bulgari.

Jewels In Movie Monaco Princess

In the 2014 film “Monaco Princess”, Nicole Kidman played the elegant temperament of princess, this film reproduces the style and classic style of a princess. The crown and diamond necklace worn by a princess in the film undoubtedly left a deep impression on the audience. These jewels are recreated by Cartier based on antique jewelry, including rubies and diamond crowns, and three rows of diamond necklaces.

Jewels In Movie Diana

In this film that records the life of Princess Diana, “Diana” has appeared in many times the favorite jewelry accessories of a princess, especially the earrings. Fans who are familiar with Princess Diana’s style will understand that who has short hair, loves earrings very much during his lifetime, and most of the time she only wears earrings. In her many collections, there are many white gold earrings with diamonds and sapphires.

monogram ring from
monogram ring from

In the film “Diana”, Chopard specially designed a variety of monogram ring, necklaces, and accessories that match the princess’ temperament extensively and accurately as possible. The Princess of Naomi Watts has chosen to wear exquisite and small earrings on various occasions to show the exquisite and refined temperament. These exquisite and subtle embellishments may not be very eye-catching, but it is precisely because these accessories are more closely related to princess style getnamenecklace

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