5 Fun Christmas Games to Play with Family

Christmas holiday soon! Let’s make Christmas Eve even more exciting by having Christmas games with family and closest friends. To bring a festive atmosphere at Christmas Eve celebration doesn’t need to be complicated. With simple tools and materials, you can create exciting Christmas games that can be played in groups.

These are some Christmas games that you can try to make your Christmas atmosphere even more fun.

Fun Christmas Games with Family and Friends

Build a Snowman Game

build snowman from toilet paper tissue - partywishesscv
Credit: partywishesscv.blogspot.com

To play this Christmas game you need a toilet roll paper to make a snowman. First, invite one of your friends or family members to become a snowman, by covering your friend’s entire body using the tissue roll and adding some snowman decorations such as hats, buttons from black paper, and mouthpieces from orange paper to make his nose. Exciting, right?

Snowball Toss Game

Snowball Toss Game
Credit: Pinterest

This game is one of the classic group games, which is played using Christmas Wreath (round Christmas decoration that has a hole in the middle) and snowball-sized marshmallows. You can replace this equipment with paper cups and cotton balls. The way to play it is by hanging Christmas Wreath or paper cups to be targeted by marshmallows. Divide your family into two teams, start competing and the one who puts in the most marshmallows is the winner.

Frozen! Freeze Dancing Game

Frozen freeze dancing Playtivities
Credit: Playtivities

Start by playing a few holiday songs or that you like and invite all your friends to dance. After the song stops suddenly, all players must ‘freeze’. Then walk around the players and make them laugh until they move. You move, you lose!

Jingle Ball Shake Game

Jingle Ball Shake Game
Credit: Awesome Jelly

This game is very simple, all you need is an empty tissue box and 10 jingle bells (small balls decorated with a Christmas tree, or you can also change into a ping pong ball). Tie an empty tissue box on the back of the player, by making holes in each of the lower left and right corners of the tissue box and tie it with a rope, put 10 jingle bells in the box, and play a song. Each player has one minute to get the ball out of the box as much as possible. So, are you ready to dance ?!

Pass the Candy Cane Game

Pass The Candy Cane Game - Stutelage
Credit: Stutelage

This game doesn’t have a winner, but it’s still fun because it can be played by everyone until midnight. All player members must put a candy cane in their mouth with the curved end outside and move the candy cane using the candy cane in the mouth. This game is the best game as the last game of all your Christmas games!

So, what are you waiting for? prepare all the equipment you need for the game. All of the above games will be fun to play together. Have a great time and happy Christmas.

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